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Pick the best way for you to help women

Become A Member

 To become a FWWS Member one just needs the desires to be a part of our community. All Donation are accepted.


•    One feather                $15

•    Two Feathers             $25

•    Three Feathers          $50

•    Four Feathers            $100 

•    Five Feathers             $200

•    Six Feathers               $500

•    Seven Feathers         $1000


War bonnet and Founding Member $2000 and above.

All Checks can be made out to 

Fierce Women Warrior Society 


For more information email us:

Upcoming Events

Fierce Women Warrior Society 

Members can start a chapter in their own community! Meet once a month share words of wisdom, create a talking circle of support and share your stories.  Invite and encourage others to join.  

Schedule of Self Defense Workshops at MSU

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